#Grow Quince - Nursery and Propagation Techniques


Trial Results and Final Report 

GrowQuince worked with several quince growers to experiment with propagation techniques and start a small test nursery to foster the propagation of several quince varieties.

Trials were run in Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021

Propagation Final Report [Word]

Propagation Trial [PDF]

Propagation Table [PDF]


For More on Quince Propagation

Quince Propagation Roundtable, Scion Exchange, & Grafting Demo - This gathering of New England quince growers took place on March 8, 2020 at The Field House in West Townshend, Vermont. The roundtable discussion kicked off with a presentation on "Growing Quince in New England" by horticulturalist and long-time orchard manager Zeke Goodband, that was recorded and edited into two #GrowQuince podcasts produced and published by podcaster extraordinaire Ria Windcaller at Cider Chat.

#GrowQuince Podcast 1: After a short overview, Episode 252 features Zeke covering all the basics of growing quince including propagation, insects, and diseases.

#GrowQuince Podcast 2: In Episode 253, Zeke provides tips on when this aromatic fruit is ready to be picked. Additional topics include:

  • Different varieties
  • Cracking of fruit
  • Markets for quince
  • Storage
  • Cold temps before harvest
  • Grafting
A full list of quince podcasts is available on the #GrowQuince Landing Page.