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#GrowQuince is an effort to crowdsource useful information about growing quince in New England. In late 2019, Vermont Quince was awarded USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program funding through the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets to support commercial and backyard growers by compiling and disseminating resources and expertise about growing quince.


We hope you will appreciate and learn from this "webinar" page, which reflects what we have been able to gather to date.  Please feel free to share this info widely and link as you will! Our intention is to make these resources available on other websites of interest to fruit growers, including NAFEX and the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association


The video presentation below gives an overview of the resources that #GrowQuince has assembled to this point. Just below the video is a table with links to the resources as described.


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Podcasts and Audio

  1. Cider Chat Ep. 252, #GrowQuince Growing Quince in New England, Part 1 – by Zeke Goodband
  2. Cider Chat Ep. 253, #GrowQuince Growing Quince in New England, Part 2 – by Zeke Goodband
  3. Cider Chat Ep. 248, New England Quince Taste Test 2020
  4. Cider Chat Ep. 266, Interview w Nan Stefanik of Vermont Quince - taste test results!
  5. #CookQuince Interview with the 'Queen of Quince,' Author Barbara Ghazarian

Annotated Bibliography - Harvey Lisle Collection 

The late Harvey Lisle collected articles, recipes, correspondence, and the like about growing quince in his capacity heading up NAFEX’s Quince Interest Group. #GrowQuince generated an annotated bibliography so that others can see what resources were collected by Lisle and how he notated them. 






Quince Infographics [click to download the PDF]

Two pages of beautifully presented, well-researched and fun facts about cydonia oblonga, including a timeline, historic tidbits, and health-related information. 

We recommend presenting as a bi-fold with each side 15"x20".

Learn - Print - Share - Educate! 


Nursery and Propagation Techniques

In these trials, which took place in Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021, #GrowQuince experimented with propagation techniques and started a small test nursery to foster the propagation of several quince varieties. Scion, seeds, and trees were distributed. 




New England Taste Test 2020 

The varieties tasted in 2020 were: Aromatnaya, Kuganskaya, Orange, Smyrna, and van Deman. All were grown in Windham County, Vermont (USDA Growing Zone 5). 

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VTQ interviews Barbara Ghazarian

 // Vermont Quince Co. Founder Interviews Queen of Quince Barbara Ghazarian // 


#GrowQuince is deeply grateful for the contributions of:


Reed Arahood

B Fox
Anneke Toomey
Ria Windcaller / Cider Chat
Zeke Goodband
Joseph Postman
Jesse Stevens
Hank & Marina
Ali Stevenson
Linda Smith / Linda’s Farm (formerly Akaogi)
Harlow Farm
Simon / Scott Farm
Barbara Ghazarian
Phyllis & Bob Trier
All Tasters in the 2020 Quince Taste Test
The Crew at The Field House in West Townshend VT